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First Steps

I started using the Internet when I was about 9 years old. Around the year 1999 at the tender age of 11 I got my first very own computer. It was during that time that my dad launched his first business website and encouraged me to use the internet as a platform to introduce myself to the world outside. This was when I started creating websites with a one-page website on AOL. It later reached a new level, when I got my domain "" in August 2000 which was sponsored by my dad.

The domain name was inspired by a character named "Duplica" from the Pokémon TV series (don't judge me on that one, I was just about twelve years old back then). Funny thing is, that my website had absolutely nothing to do with Pokémon. It was rather my highly developed obsession with virtual life games such as Creatures and the Petz/Babyz series that led myself to maintain a network of websites. I loved the idea of using the internet to connect with other people and the communities and websites that formed around games in order to help each other or to provide third-person extention downloads to make the games more fun. Just a few years later I felt heavily for the Final Fantasy series and jumped on the shrining hype bandwagon back then, which haunts me even until today. I loved to work on new projects together with friends on the internet and I changed layouts like underwear, because it just made such much fun.

After spending a year in the United States in 2004/2005 I wanted a cut and seeked out for a new start. I tried to be more independend from my dad and eventually got my very own domain on the 19th of January 2006. The name is a neologism by me, combining the words "toxic" and "utopia/utopic", which has a deep meaning to me. Unfortunately I never quite came back to the webdesigning as I used to and rather used the webspace to upload stuff.
So here I am now, being melancholic about the good old days and sad that so many pretty websites have already disappeared from the internet. Finishing high school and going to college didn't leave much time to keep it rolling. I soon realized that neglecting this hobby of mine certainly left a hole in my heart. Though as I'm about to finish my studies I want to fill that hole in the near future and I am already working on it!

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